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Welcome to literarygrrrls! Your maintainer is frottage, aka Annaleigh.

While the community is geared towards women writers and readers, all are welcome.

The Rules:

  • Stay on topic. That means no "My boyfriend broke up with meeee!1111" posts.
  • Be courteous. If you're going to critique someone's work, only do if you can do it without being harsh, and be constructive with your critique.
  • Put book spoilers behind a cut. To learn how to use an lj-cut, click here
  • Also put long poems and short stories behind an LJ cut.
  • Make your subject title as interesting as possible. Writing, "uh I wrote a new poem" may cause your potential readers to ignore your entry.

Ideas For What To Discuss Here:

  • The latest book you can't put down.
  • Your newest acquistions from your latest book buying spree.
  • Share your own writing.
  • Great websites that help in your writing.
  • Links to bookstores!
  • Asking for a book recommendation.
  • Discussing the problems with literacy rates, and how we can help improve the situation.

Some Sites I Find Helpful:

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