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June 19th, 2004
11:36 am


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Seek to Dream
Seek to Dream

How be it that I would know you now?
Who would you have become?
Cantankerous and
Or sweet-tempered and free?

What if I held your hand?
Would you yet look up and
smile at me?
When would I then begin to
Would I know more than what
my eyes did see?

And what would I give
to listen to your war stories again?
What would I have given
to know what would have gone
through your mind
as the planes crashed in
and all the world was at war
Where would your heart be?

I, the child of your seniority
did so look to you, and
needed you
You do not understand
how dearly I craved
your fatherly authority.

Questioning, what, where, who, and how!
As time, fleeting, passes discreetly
and so imperceptibly.
Oh father I have wandered
through the deep recess of your
Whom do I feel, whom do my eyes see?

It is you, and in these years,
it is you I do seek to dream.

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